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The following conditions apply to all cars (hereinafter referred to as hired cars) , which the rental company (hereinafter referred to as Chelmis Cars) has ownership.


The renter and any additional drivers of the hired cars must be at least 23 years old. Renters must have a valid driving licence for at least 1 year prior to the date of hire. For non EU citizens or those who do not hold a European driving licence, there is a requirement by government to hold an International Driving Licence.


Any appended administrative sanctions , resulting from any type of violation of the Greek Traffic Law, during the rental period, are under the exclusive responsibility of the renter. In the case that any administrative sanction has not been reported to Chelmis Cars at the end of the rental period, the sanction will be charged again to the renter.

The renter is responsible for returning the hired car, at the end of the hire contract, with the same level of fuel as received at the start of the contract.

Furthermore, renter is required to cover the costs:

  1. In case of costs or expenses for the repair of the hired car, if the renter is responsible for the damage.
  2. In case of lost profits. Chelmis Cars will charge the renter with the agreed rent for as long as the rental car cannot be rented out due to the repairing or, in the case of complete damage, Chelmis Cars has not received the total value of the rental car.


The minimum possible rental period is one day. The first hour of delay on return is not charged. The next 5 hours are charged for 10€/hour.  After 6 hours of delay the renter is required to pay a full daily fee.


The renter as well as any additional drivers of the rental car are obliged:

  1. of protecting the rental car and taking the necessary measures to prevent its loss (locking the car).
  2. to use the necessary fuel for the correct and efficient operation of the engines.
  3. They are not allowed to sell, rent or provide any accessory or legal right to the rental car.
  4. To inspect the rental car at the end of the contract for any personal item.


For the transportation of the rental car to and from Kefalonia by any type of transport, the communication and written authorization of Chelmis Cars is required.


Prices include 24% VAT.


In the sad case of an accident, the nearest police station and Chelmis Cars must be informed immediately. An accident report is essential as without it, the hirer is liable to pay the full amount of the repairs.

For negligent driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances or in unauthorized roads, i.e. acts that violate the proper use of the rented car, the renter will be in charge of the full amount of the damage costs.

Feel free to ask us about the type of insurance that is valid for each car.

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