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At the entrance to the capital of Cephalonia you will see a 650-meter stone bridge, called the Drill Bridge. In the middle there is a pyramid dedicated by Charles de Bosset, who built the bridge, in the British Empire. Argostol is a cosmopolitan city and fully harmonized with modern needs. You can do a lot of things by visiting the capital, like walking the cobblestone beach road full of palm trees and colorful pebbles, or see the new Wallianu Square around which you can find bars, cafes and restaurants for all tastes. Lithostroto Street (Cobbled Street) is the capital’s main commercial road, complete with all kinds of shops. We recommend a visit to the Botanical Garden, the Folklore Museum and also the Archeological Museum. A few kilometers from the center of Argostol, it’s a beautiful beacon with donated columns known as the Lantern. There, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful… sunset!


A few minutes of driving leads you to the Katavothres where you can experience one of the amazing geological phenomenon in the world. The sea at this point can go through the rocks and disappear underground. It’s one of the most romantic parts of the island where you can enjoy your coffee or drink.


The symbol of Cephalonia is the beach of Myrtos, which is considered by many tourist magazines as one of the world’s 30 best beaches. Besides this, it is one of the most famous beaches in Greece. The Myrtos beach is located in the Pylarus region, along the northwest coast of the island.

This magnificent bay is surrounded by tall and green rocks and consists of millions of white little pebbles. The color of the sea changes from dark blue to light blue and turquoise, and the panoramic view offered by the Myrtos beach is truly amazing every moment of the day.

This wonderful place is accessible from the sea, if you have a private boat, or from the main road with your car, motorcycle, or with the public bus service.
We also suggest that you make a stop along the road from Myrtos going to the village of Assos to take a photo.

The view from the cliff magnificent will be like looking at the beach from an airplane!

Every tourist on holiday in Cephalonia will fall in love with the beach of Myrtus and never forget it!


Saint Gerasimos is the local saint of the island, known for the treatment of people with mental illnesses. The monastery is located just below the famous Mount Ainos. The monastery is now refurbished and below it, there is a large cave where Saint lived. Visitors can visit during the church’s opening hours. In the center of the church there is a large plane tree that was planted by Saint and it is still preserved at the monastery. On August 16th, the day of his celebration, there is a large litany early in the morning, which a large number of visitors going each year.


Antisamοs is one of the beaches that fascinates most visitors to Cephalonia. On the way to the beach, the view is magnificent, and once you reach the coast, you will have one of the best places you have ever seen in your life waiting for you!
The landscape has a distinct natural beauty, consists of turquoise water and a wonderful environment of green hills and rich vegetation that grows almost in the sea. The water is completely clean and full of fish.

Awarded a blue flag, it is located 27 kilometers east of Argostol and a few kilometers from the port of Sami. It’s easily accessible from the coast road in Sami. It’s a very well organized beach with umbrellas and a milestone sunset.
Antisamos has gained worldwide recognition from Hollywood’s film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, where some of the scenes were filmed. Behind the beach, which is considered a beautiful sight, there is the Agrilona Monastery, on top of the hill and deserves a visit!


The specific name of the Xi beach comes from the letter of the Greek alphabet as the shape of the beach is exactly reminiscent of the shape of that letter.

What makes Xi Beach in Excursion a unique place in Cephalonia is the strange color of sand that is completely red.

The beach is made of fine sand with a stunning clean sea that is never too deep, not far enough from the coast.

The beach is divided into two different places, a wilder and relaxing one, and the other more organized for tourism with lying down, umbrellas and traditional Greek restaurants.


Fiscardo, which lies along the northern coast, is one of the most subjective villages in Cephalonia. It is still a fishing destination with its graphically small homes near the sea and its magnificent local port.

Fiscardo is also famous by the Greek people, as it is one of the few places not destroyed by the terrible earthquake during 1953.

There are really a huge number of beaches, isolated and crowded, in the village of Fiscardo, with clean sea water surrounded by trees.

At night the village of Fiscardo becomes one of the most romantic places in Cephalonia.

Under a starry sky you can have a tasty meal at a traditional Greek tavern, you can sit in a local cafe bar, or just walk along narrow streets between the old houses.

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